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Introduction Edit

Jenny: classmate of Linus and others, in 2020 she embodies the stereotype of a cheerleader. It is in fact the most popular of the school, and attracts the attention of Linus - who is attracted to her - and Marie and Riley, Siamese twins ironically represented with Chinese features, which mimic her every move. Curiously she is attracted to Boom, to which however he shows no sign of interest. Her father, in this episode, is a subordinate of Number 9, works for the SDC, and appears as a person scary and mean but a bit of a coward.

Despite having a innocent appearance she is really mean and shows off very often Iris gets really Jealous whenever Linus flirts with Jenny though it never seems to work. She is also attracted to Cornell who always tries to impress her. She really likes Boom because when the SDC came to pick ambassadors to help the environment (really an excuse to find new SDC agents) she backed down and said she didn't want to but when Boom volunteered she immediately changed her mind just so she could be with Boom.