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Linus McLoon
Linus 2




12 (12 and half)



Eye Color


Hair Color

Orange/ Red

Family and Friends

Iris (love interest)
Boom (best friend)
Victor McLoon (father)
Marlene McLoon (mother)
Sophia McLoon (younger sister)

First Appearance

The Watch of Scire Part 1

Lioness 2


Linus is a 12 years old boy who is a hero in secret. He is the leader of the Astronomy Club. He has upholder soul, he wants to work on the good side and he launched headlong into the battle against SDC. He like to ride Jet-Boards and is very good at it. He is shown to be the best Jet-Boarder in town and would have won the trophy if he wouldn't have gone helping the Astronomy Club.

Linus had a big crush on Jenny but she is really ugly ! Everyone seems to hate him..... shown no interest in Linus instead she is in love with Boom and sometimes Cornell, much to Linus' jealousy to Cornell. He always flirted with her but failed. Due to his crush on Jenny, he doesn't know about it. In Bye Bye BeeBee, Linus found out that Iris is in love with him. In the end of the episode, Linus started to flirt with Iris. He and Iris became a offical couple, but still Linus doesn't admit it. Linus and Iris kissed at the end of the series.



Linus and Iris were really good friends but Linus does not know that Iris has a huge crush on him then Linus find out, in Bye Bye BeeBee and they say that they will be a official couple in season 2.



Boom is Linus' best friend. They share a strong friendship bond. They both help eachother when battling SDC. Linus also care very much about Boom. They always teams up when fighting.


Taki and Linus are good friends. Linus respects Taki as he is 13 and Linus is only 12 and a half. When Linus mispelled Taki's name, Taki said they were friends when they met in the second grade.


Monroe and Linus are good friends. Linus sees Monroe as his little brother. Monroe respects Linus as his big brother and best friend.


Linus has a good relationship with Dr. K. He sees Dr. K as his grandpa. He also respects Dr. K.


Linus and the BeeBees has a good relationship. They are good friends.

Victor McLoonEdit

Victor is Linus' father. They have a good father-son relationship. Linus idols his father and wants to be a astronaut like his father.

Marlene McLoonEdit

Marlene is Linus' mother. They have a good mother-son relationship. Marlene is a loving mom and deeply cares for her son.

Sophia McLoonEdit

Sophia is Linus' little sister. They have a good brother-sister relationship. Linus deeply cares for his younger sister.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Main Article: Watch of Scire

Major Battles Edit

Screenshot 2016-07-24-20-23-13

Linus vs. Number 9


  • Linus has shown to be very good at Jet-Boarding and is shown to be the best Jet-Boarder in town and would have won the trophy if he wouldn't have gone helping the Astronomy Club.
  • His Jet-Board is colored green.
  • His eye color has changed color through out the series. Sometimes it is shown to be dark green and sometimes it is light green.
  • In the series, the Watch of Scire is on his left wrist. But on some concept arts, it is on his right wrist.
  • Linus has many similarities with Ben Tennyson from the Ben 10 series.
    • Both of them have similar hair style.
    • Both of them have a powrful alien device on their wrist.
    • Both of their eye color and energy color is green.