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Number 9 arrested by Chase and Sanborn

Number 9 is the corrupt Head of the SDC and Sandborn's Uncle and the main antagonist of My Giant Friend and the main enemy of Linus and Boom


Number 9 is the corrupt Head of the SDC. His special agents are Agent Chase and Agent Sandborn (his nephew).

Appearance Edit

He's rather aged, hus eyes are ringed with grey, he have grey hair and his right hand is inflated and green.


He is totally against sending the arrived extraterrestials to their home planets, instead he controls them with his special chips and uses them against their will.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Number 9 is the corrupt Head of the SDC and he's quite redoubtable. He can use a laser gun very powerful in the last episode and also his right hand can launch a powerful green laser and at the same time he do it his eyes turn all green.

Screenshot 2016-08-10-15-04-54

Number 9' power

Major Battle Edit

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Number 9 vs. Linus

Screenshot 2016-07-24-20-23-43

Number 9 was defeated by Linus.