This episode starts with an alien commonly known as from the species Ploook. He is running for his life, following him, Cornell and the SDC are shown who are trying to catch the alien but fail due to interference of Cornell. The very next day, the team discusses about how to send that alien back to his home town, when they all agree to a plan. They decide that Boom will go with Cornell so that he does he keeps Cornell away from making any trouble as he was also going to catch the alien. At night the SDC, Cornell, and the team, they all make theri own ways and find the alien. Finally at the end, the Team rescues it with the help of Iris, since that alien was very scared with the new environment. The SDC still think it was Cornell's fault that the alien escaped. The episodes ends happily as always.

Major EventsEdit

  • Cornell is shown to have interest in catching the aliens
  • Boom lies for the first time.
  • Plook makes his first appearance.