Watch of Scire

A team is rescuing innocent aliens captive by the SDC. SDC is an organization that captures aliens, controls them by chips and then uses them for their own profit.

The Team MembersEdit


Linus McLoon is the main character of the series My Giant Friend, also known as Linus et Boom.

He is a 12 years ol


d boy (in the year 2020) and the leader of the Astronomy Club. He is the holder of the Watch of Scire since the pilot episode, The Watch of Scire.


Iris is one of the main characters in the series, My Giant Friend (Linus et Boom in French).

She is a 12 years old girl (in the year 2020) with a unique ability to understand alien language.
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Taki is one of the main characters in My Giant Friend series.

He is a 13 year-old boy (in the year 2020) who has great interest in creating new machines.
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Boom is one of the main characters of the My Giant Friend series. Boom is from an alien species called Velguzians from the planet Velguze. He came to earth in the year 2020 to help the astronomy club in the battle against the S.D.C.


Monroe is a part of the Team. He works with Dr.K. He's a techno-geek. In other words, he takes care of all the techno-things. He's a major part of the team.


Dr.K is a good support to the team. He's like a teacher to Monroe. In one episode, it was revealed that Dr.K is also a good friend of Mr.McLoon (Linus' father).


The main villain against the team is the SDC. It has three main members that are yet revealed to be a part of SDC.


Number 9 was the head of the SDC and he's the Sanborn' uncle. He's also the main enemy of Linus and Boom. His special agents are Chase and Sandborn.


Sanborn is an agent of the SDC. He's the nephew of the former owner of the SDC.  

Sambourne & Chase


Chase is one of the most trustworthy agents of the SDC. She is a partner of Sandborn.