Victor McLoon
Lioness's dad
Victor Mcloon holding Sophia

Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color

Dark brown



Family and allies

Linus (son)
Marlene McLoon (wife)
Sophia McLoon (daughter)
Boom (alien nephew)
Ronk (ally)
Dr.K (friend)

First appearance

The Watch of Scire Part 1


Victor Mcloon is Linus McLoon's father. He has appeared in one episode only. It is shown in that episode that he also rescues alien. He's an astronaut.

Appearance Edit

Victor McLoon is rather tall with short brown hair and brown eyes. He always wears his astronaut suit.

Personality Edit

Victor is a cool guy, he's also volunteer, strategist and determined during a mission

Major Battle Edit

  • Victor (into his spacecraft) vs. SDC' spacecraft